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Once upon a time, (not that long ago) Avoèl was born in Crete. Our protagonist, the exotic avocado fruit, though was dearly loved by some, didn’t have the place it deserved in people’s healthy nutritional routine. Avoèl saw that precious fruit, gathered all things nice that Cretan land could offer, and created the most delicious, healthy and eco-friendly products to satisfy even the most demanding foodies. “Oddly shaped”, non-marketable avocado fruits, fueled the idea that gave birth to Avoèl, putting an end to body-shaming.

Because avobody’s beautiful. The fast pace of modern life often leaves no time for us to pick and prepare every meal of every day. Our products are an alternative fresh proposal, instantly available for consumption. Rich in all those nutrients that make avocado a superfood, and without any trace of nasties. No preservatives, food dyes, chemical additives, flavor enhancers and industrial sugars, with minimal processing, we aim to help replace unhealthy food habits through creative flavor combinations with a Mediterranean aroma.

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And Magical
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Low energy footprint

At Avoèl we use 100% Cretan ingredients in our product formulas, which means there is no need for transportation, contributing to low energy consumption. All raw materials, pure and freshly picked arrive to us quickly, easily and without energy transportation costs since our suppliers are located within a 30 km radius from our production unit. Plus, we use recyclable materials for packaging, with an emphasis in glass, which is our global innovation due to our unique processing. We are expanding the use of glass to our present packaging to replace all other materials by the end of 2022.


Circular economy model

Ecological awareness is the key driver for our production process. Each avocado fruit is generous enough to offer us its pit, pulp as well as the peel. We return the avocado pits to local farmers so that they can plant new trees, while the peel is used as a fertilizer for new or existing crops. Finally, the avocado pulp is used to create the most fresh, delicious Avoèl products. 🥑 We do not let anything go to waste. By doing so, we ensure zero waste and remain faithful to our eco-friendly policies. Win-Win!


Healthy diet habits

The core of Avoèl’s recipes is within the products of the Cretan land. Fresh, buttery avocados, juicy lemon, pure olive oil, rich honey and freshly picked herbs, are just some of the nutrient-rich ingredients we use. We aim to revolutionize healthy eating, by offering all the benefits of avocado, packaged and ready to enjoy in countless flavor combinations. But it doesn't stop there... Our products do not contain preservatives, gluten, food coloring, flavor enhancers and industrial sugars. Suitable for vegetarians, or simply for those who want to include more fruits and vegetables in their daily dietary habits.

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